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Companies that service mold remediation in a home should abide by the IICRC Mold Remediation Guidelines which are followed by many reputable companies in the industry.

Mold Remediation AtticWhat causes Attic Mold?

In many cases attic mold is caused by not ventilating the attic properly or not having the proper airflow throughout the area. Re-mediating the mold starts with obtaining the proper testing which should not be completed by the remediation company as it’s a conflict of interest. Mold spores can spread easily so cutting off the source of the mold is important to preventing future mold growth.

Why should I hire someone who is certified in mold?

Obtaining a certification that actually does on-site training helps to prevent any amateur errors. It also teaches the staff the proper way to contain and eliminate the mold which is important to prevent having to hire another company to remediate after the initial company doesn’t perform the project correctly. CRD Restore is certified and makes sure our crews have the proper training and skills to complete an attic mold removal project.

What does mold insurance protect me against?

If your deciding on who to hire for your mold remediation project, consider asking the company if they have the proper insurance to remediate the mold in your home. Most general contractors don’t carry Pollution Control insurance which covers the mold removal project that you are hiring them for. Ask for a certificate of insurance from your local contractor and check to make sure they carry pollution control insurance for the mold service.

Why are the prices in Mold Remediation so different?

In some cases, when comparing quotes you may have a price that is drastically cheaper than the rest. Ask yourself why is it cheaper, most consumers will go with the cheaper price but beware that you may have to hire another company to remove the mold again if they don’t follow the proper procedures. The most costly aspect of a mold remediation is containment setup and equipment. Not having the most up to date equipment or not maintaining the equipment properly is the biggest factor in failed mold tests after a remediation. Setting up containment so it’s under negative air is the most important aspect of the mold removal and is also the most costly.

What should I do if my the insurance company recommends another mold company?

The customer has the ability to choose the company they feel most comfortable with and feel can complete the project properly. CRD Restore is a recommended company in certain areas but the customer can pick whom they feel is best for the job. Pricing shouldn’t matter as much as the insurance company will be paying for it minus the deductible if it’s covered. The customer always wants a company that is in their best interest so find one that you like and that uses insurance approved pricing software.

How to find a professional mold remediation company for my attic?

Always check for references, online reviews are nice but sometimes not trusted. Check the companies website to make sure they have a page and also the BBB to make sure there are no or just a few complaints against the company. Having a non-franchise company is always a benefit and also one that is local to the area. One of the most important topics is make sure the company is certified, insured, bonded and trained properly. These are the items which you must look for when picking a mold remediation company.

CRD Restore is a professional mold remediation company that handles projects of all aspects and has a top notch mold remediation crew to handle any project in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.



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