Crawlspace Mold Removal

Crawl Space Mold Remediation Service

Basements, crawl spaces, attics and other areas which have a higher tendency to have humidity levels which feed mold spores to grow and prosper are always of concern for a home owner.

Crawlspace mold remediation has it’s issues which can bring the pricing higher for a mold removal project. Some issues involve the moisture level in the crawl space, how big the space actually is for the workers to work. In many cases it’s required for there to be two workers in a crawl space area for safety reasons because it’s such a tight space to work within and many things could go wrong.

Crawl Space Mold RemovalCrawlspace mold remediation should not be rushed as making sure the mold is removed properly is very important. There are often times hidden sources of moisture in a crawlspace which are feeding grounds for mold in a basement or crawl space. These moisture issues should be solved before approaching a mold remediation specialist. Once the moisture issues are resolved, hiring a mold removal company which has completed crawl space work in the past is highly recommended because of all the different obstacles within the confined area. There is often times wiring, piping, duct work, dirt that inhabits mold spores and other obstacles that should be taken care of properly.

When choosing a company to remediate the mold in your basement, make sure to pick a company that has valid certifications. The IICRC and ACAC are two of the major certifying companies in the United States which are reputable. Browsing through certifications for mold, you’ll often notice online only training courses which cannot provide sufficient training for a staff member.

When comparing pricing for crawlspace mold remediation prices, often times contractors who are inexperienced will allow the same amount of time to complete a crawlspace as a normal room. The customer will typically notice this when the contractor cuts corners because it’s taking longer than expected. Crawlspaces are hard to maneuver for a typical worker because of the limited mobility and therefore takes longer to clean and complete the mold removal process.

Some crawl spaces are large enough to work at a normal pace and should not be priced up for additional time as well because it would be completed on time. Always use common sense when determining what contractor to use, if one is higher in price, don’t be afraid to ask them what’s included and the lower priced one you should ask why aren’t those items included.

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