Fire Restoration FAQS

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How long does it take to cleanup a Fire Damage?

Fire damage cleanup can vary in how long it takes to complete a project depending on the severity of the situation. Our technicians can give an accurate estimate on how long it will take once they arrive and access the situation. A restoration has many variables such as how bad the smoke damage harmed the home, was there major water damage to the house or if reconstruction needs to be completed at the fire damaged home.

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Can I inspect my home and belongings after a fire damage?

It is advised that only a legally licensed inspector (structural engineer, industrial hygienist, etc.) can determine the safety of any home or building. While you may not see a risk in checking the fire damage in your home, it may pose a health hazard to your health.

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What will happen to the items left in the home during a fire restoration?

Depending on the items condition, the insurance agent may deem some that are safe be stored in a storage facility of which our technicians would remove those items and store them properly. Other items be damaged due to the smoke damage from the fire, those items would need to be disposed of properly.

Some of the belongings you may want to retrieve which the insurance agent can help you to work on obtaining those items from the home. The restoration company will work to restore as much as we possibly can from a home or building and bring it back to pre-loss conditions. If the home and items can’t be replaced we will work with the insurance adjustor to provide the best quality replacement for that item.

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Do fire damage companies board up a home?

Yes, we can. CRD can board up a home safety and securely to prevent loitering and possible theft after a fire damage has occured. CRD can also offer around the clock security of the building or home if it is approved by the insurance company. When boarding up a home, you want to make sure it’s completed properly. Some companies may put up a board but it could easily be taken down from the home or building. Making sure to hire someone who boards up the home properly is key to preventing vandalism and further damage.

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Can I stay in my home after a fire?

This would depend on what the fire affected and how the smoke traveled through your home. Insurance adjusters will make this determination usually by seeing the damage but common sense can sometimes tell you to stay elsewhere. Sometimes a small situation which is centered in one room will not affect other areas, this allows you to stay in your home but always consult a professional instead of making your own determination.

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Can we clean the fire damage or smoke damage ourselves?

The answer is yes and no. Most people think fire restoration can be cleaned easily but there are actually strict standards for fire restoration held by the IICRC ( The Clean Trust ) which professional fire restoration companies should follow to make sure your home is properly restored. When a homeowner takes a fire cleanup into their own hands they are essentially taking all responsibility for future hazards and problems that may occur because of an improper restoration.

      1. A major challenge is when you have a fire damage with more than one type of residue that burns. The understanding of how to clean these situations and having the proper equipment to clean it up is not typical for the average home/property owner. You can attempt to restore your home, but buyer beware.
      2. Your home may look clean but it could still smell like smoke. The size of a smoke particle is .004 micros in size which makes it very hard for the human eye to see it unless they use a microscope. These smoke damage particles which are small microscopic particles inside your walls, cabinets, behind wood trim , wall base, underneath the carpet, etc can make your life a nightmare. Even if you are the best cleaner, there are so many places you may not be able to get too for a proper cleaning. Make sure to hire a professional who has the right equipment to find these particles and rid your home of them so you can live in a healthy environment.

Hire a professional who has the proper knowledge, training and experience in fire damage restoration. Call us at the number at the top of the page for emergency support 24/7 or for an estimate.

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Should I throw out all of my food after a fire?

The heat from the fire can make your food go bad because it will let the smoke particles into the can from contracting it from the high heat. Wait until your insurance agent comes out to review the items and dispose of them after going over what can stay and what is unhealthy.

If you can’t wait for your adjuster, make a video of the products to show the insurance agent what you tossed away.

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How does CRD help with the insurance coverage?

CRD uses the same software that most insurance adjusters use to determine the price of project, the company works with the adjuster to provide the best products for your home. Our technicians have numerous years of experience working with the adjusters to provide you with a smooth and easy restoration of your home.

Call us today! For assistance in filing a claim with your insurance adjuster and obtaining an estimate to rebuild your home.

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CRD Cleanup Restoration Damage is a certified firm for fire restoration and has quality technicians to complete any type of fire damage project. Call us anytime for emergency service and to obtain an estimate for your fire repair.

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