How To Kill Mold

Kill Mold With Mold Products Or Hire A Mold Company?

Should I use a mold removal product?

The first issue with these products is what are you using it on and what is your understanding of mold. Showers tend to have tile and is a different scenario than using a mold product on a drywall surface. Mold needs to be understood before trying to attempt to remove it.

What is mold?

Mold is a spore, which when agitated can spread quickly to other areas of the room and affect more than it initially had affected before you attempted to kill it. Mold spores in quantity can affect your health and well being but a smaller area can typically be taken care of with DIY projects and products. Spores grow with moisture and in moisture prone areas of the home such as a basement or crawl space.

How does mold grow?

Mold grows when there is moisture present and typically occurs in basements, crawl spaces, kitchens, attics and bathrooms. These areas typically can have leaks or moisture prone sections because of the temperature. This will cause growth and the eventual spreading of mold. Typically in basements or crawl spaces, a dehumidifier would need to be installed after the remediation to prevent further mold from growing.

Issues with removing mold myself?

Removing mold on your own, makes you liable if it spreads throughout the house. It may also affect your insurance coverage if you have any for bacterial growth. A smaller mold spore count, that you believe you can remove on your own could spread to different areas of the home.

What certifications should a mold remediation contractor have?

There are many certifications for a mold removal contractors but you always want to make sure that the contractor uses an on-site training program. Many of the mold certifications are online only and for someone to go into your home never having any hands on experience could create issues. The IICRC and ACAC are two major certifying firms in the industry which are reputable and have on site training.

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