Mildew and Mold Concerns

Mold Growth Concerns

Mold ConcernsGrowth starts with the condition of the home and can become worse depending on the climate at which the area holds moisture and how much dirt is present. Dirt can hold moisture and be a breeding ground for mold if not taken care of properly. Mold concerns are legitimate as mold spores can spread easily and have different affects on people. Depending on the outside mold spore count and how high that count is compared to the inside mold count. Each person reacts differently to mold and it can have different reactions to everyone. Some have red itchy eyes, others will get headaches or symptoms even worse depending on the mold issue and how severe the mold situation has become in your home.

Concerns over mold growth are warranted but don’t freak out about a mold problem, remember mold doesn’t grow overnight so it has slowly become an issue and now it should be remediated. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can be a helpful resource to find out more about mold related information.

What Should I Do If I Have Mold?

There are a few important things to think about if you have mold in your home. First, do you care what type of mold you have in your home. If you are concerned about the type of mold in your home than you should have it tested to learn the types of mold present in your home. Testing can vary in price but a test which let’s you know the types of mold is up to the homeowner. After testing, or if you don’t care what type of mold you have than you should have it tested on a smaller scale to determine what areas the mold is present in your home.

Concerns Over Mold Laws

Mold laws have become more relevant in today’s society than ever before as there has been more discussion over the process and legitimacy of the mold industry. Many companies over “testing” and “remediation” for mold which if you think about it, why would you want the same company to test and remediate the mold? The company would be leaning towards saying you have more mold than is present because it would mean more work for the company. In New York, a law was passed to make it illegal to test and remediate by the same company. Other states are starting to catch onto this alienation of customers and passing similar laws which will change the industry to allow for more reputable companies to exist and compete for the business.

The current mold laws which are being passed will help consumers from being ripped off by illegitimate companies. If someone obtains a test, there is no reason for the mold testing company to falsely claim that you have mold because it won’t be able to remove the mold from your home too.

These are valid concerns that many homeowners have about mold issues and problems that are related to mold. When hiring a company to remove the mold from your house, don’t always consider just the cost of the mold but how the company does business and what certifications they obtain. Call CRD Restore for a free estimate and explanation of mold removal services.


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