Selling A Home With Mold

House With Mold And How To Sell It

What happens when my home has mold in it that I’m trying to sell?

Selling Mold HomeMany instances and concerns come to mind when you sell a home with mold in it. The first concern is who is responsible for the home if you sell it with mold in it. If you knowingly are aware of the mold and you sell the home with a mold issue than you would be liable for any issues or health problems with the new owners. This is a major reason that homes are sold “as is” because it takes the responsibility off of the homeowner or bank which owns the home. When listing a home as “as is” it also drastically reduces the home which you are selling.

Why should I remove mold in my home before selling the house?

The reason it’s beneficial to remove the mold is to have the opportunity to sell the home normally and not in a state of “as is” which would decrease the price of the home. To do this properly, it’s recommended to have the property tested by a professional who is not a related to the mold remediation company. Typically, an Industrial Hygienist is recommended or a mold tester who doesn’t do remediation. Having a company that does both is a conflict of interest, as that company can tell you that you have more mold than you actually have and can pass the test even if there is still mold present.

What do I do after I receive the mold test?

Send the mold test to 2 or 3 reputable mold remediation contractor firms who don’t test. As a consumer you want to shop around to make sure that one bid is not drastically higher than another bid. With mold remediation it’s priced by technicians and equipment and having one extra piece of equipment in a bid could change the price by a nice margin. When you receive the bid, compare them and call the one that you trust the most and find out what’s included if it’s not broken down in the bid. You may love one particular contractor but the price is higher than the next one so call to ask why. Don’t go with the cheapest price if it’s a lot cheaper than the other mold estimates. There is a reason and the worst thing that could happen is that you have to pay another contractor to remove the mold if the first mold contractor failed the test.

Can I sell the house after the mold remediation is complete?

Not yet, you should have it tested again to verify that all mold is gone in your areas of concern. Once it’s verified that all the mold is gone than I would save the report and make a copy to give to the new homeowner if requested. This will take all the responsibility off of your shoulders and onto the mold testing company. This would relieve you of anything to do with the mold in the home that you are selling.

What should I look for in a mold remediation company?

Look for mold experts who work for a reputable company which is certified by the IICRC. Make sure they have a reputable Accredited BBB Rating and customer testimonials on the company website. When you are about to decide on the firm, ask for the proof of insurance to make sure the company obtains it.

How do I know if a mold company is legitimate?

A legitimate remediation company will be registered with the state with their business name and also carry a Home Improvement license with that state. These are two things that you could check before hiring a company to make sure your hiring specialists and not over night start up companies which may disappear the next month. Such searches can be found on the state websites such as Pennsylvania State Search or the New Jersey State Search.

If your looking to sell your home and have a test showing that mold is present call CRD Restore for more information on how we can help with your mold remediation project and what we provide to make it easier for you to sell your home to the new homeowners. Servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with mold services.


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